10 Pakistan-born candidates win seats in British election

08 May, 2015 7:08 pm

LONDON – Ten Pakistan-born candidates won seats in the British election on Friday, reported 92 News.

Imran Hussain became the MP from Bradford on the ticket of the Labour Party.

Khalid Mahmood and Shabana Mahmood belonging to Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, won the seats on the tickets of the Labour Party from Birmingham.

Sadiq Khan of the Labour Party won the seat from Tooting.

Yasmin Qureshi from the Labour Party has been elected from Bolton South East. She was also elected in the 2010 election.

Naz Shah of the Labour Party defeated renowned politician George Galloway to win the seat.

Rehman Chishti of Muzaffarabad became the parliament member on the ticket of the Conservative Party.

Sajid Javed has also become the MP from the Conservative Party.

Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh of the Scottish National Party won the seat from South Perthshire.


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