11-member French team visits plane tragedy site, collects evidence

11-member, French team, plane tragedy site, collects, evidence
26 May, 2020 1:51 pm

KARACHI (92 News) – An 11-member French team of Airbus Company visited the plane tragedy site and collected the evidence.

The Aircraft Accident Investigation Board members briefed the foreign experts about the accident. A Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) team and Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) officers were also present on the occasion.

The French team will conduct investigation in Pakistan for 16 hours and leave for France at 10pm today. It will provide technical assistance to the Pakistan investigation team. The team will take away the black box engine to France

The team has been exempted from the quarantine condition

On Monday, the PIA investigation team had collected evidence from the site of the plane crash tragedy. The team also inspected the houses damaged by the plane crash.

According to a footage obtained by 92 News, the engines of the ill-fated plane had struck against the ground on the runway.

However, PIA Public Relations GM Abdullah Khan told 92 News that the people should wait for the inquiry report instead of issuing statement on the matter.

Sources said that before the landing, the height and speed of the plane was much more. “Despite instructions of the Air Traffic Control, the pilot did not bring the plane at the required height and speed. The tyres did not open when it tried to land. The engines were affected after striking against the runaway. The pilot could not achieve the height and went out of control,” they disclosed.

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