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PM, Babar Awan exchange views on constitutional, legal & political matters

PM, Babar Awan exchange views on constitutional, legal & political matters
May 29, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senior leader Babar Awan called on Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday at Prime Minister’s House. During the meeting, both the leaders exchanged views on constitutional, legal and political matters and held consultation on different projects for public welfare. On the occasion, the prime minister said that the incumbent government has top priority to protect public interests and it is the state’s responsibility to care about the deprived sector. “The direction of national development is now set up and the upcoming time is of prosperity. The government is making all-out efforts to pull the nation out of the severe economic crisis with assistance of its team,” he added. PM Khan expressed hope for bringing the situation under control in a few months in term of economic and financial crisis. “We have a firm belief on the supremacy of the Constitution and law. Neither we will create hurdles to the accountability process nor allow anyone else to interrupt it,” the premier vowed. Babar Awan said during the meeting, “Opposition is utilising its energy to protect themselves from facing accountability despite lack of street power and public support.” Awan was of the view that the corruption on grass root level will be eliminated if strict action is taken against bigger thieves in Pakistan. “Whole nation is waiting for ruthless accountability and justice. We are hoping for bringing all proclaimed offenders and wanted criminals to the justice,” he added.
PM, Babar Awan discuss law, constitution & economy
Earlier, PM Imran Khan met Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and senior lawyer Babar Awan. Bothe the leader exchange ideas and seek council on constitutional, political and lawful quandaries during the meeting. The prime minister said the government was squarely focused on ridding the country of it’s economic challenges in the meeting. “We will soon be out of these difficult times,” assured PM Khan. He also told Awan about tough yet important decisions the government had to take in the larger interest of the nation, national interest trumps political ambitions for the current regime. Khan shared his vision to strengthen and empower state institutes in-turn revitalizing the country’s dwindling economy. On the occasion, Babar Awan said, “The country has stood with it’s Prime Minister in testing times.” “Survey results and popularity polls are a testament to the nation being firmly behind the decisions being made at the top,” Awan opined. The former PPP senator also slammed previous governments, admonishing them for looting and plundering the country’s resources during their respective tenures. He stressed that accountability for ills of the past is the need of the hour.
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