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Passenger gets into fistfight with PIA staff member during flight

Passenger gets into fistfight with PIA staff member during flight
November 10, 2019
ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – A passenger got into a fistfight with a Pakistan International Airline’s (PIA) staff member during flight on Sunday. According to the PIA spokesperson, the passenger namely Nauman Wajid, who was on-board a PIA flight headed from Manchester to Islamabad. The passenger went and seated himself in the first class section of the airplane whereas his ticket was booked for economy. The flight attendant wanted him to sit at his designated place, mentioned on the ticket but he refused to budge, upon the flight attendants insistence, the man used force against the employee trying to get his way and remain seated in first class. Wajid was left alone after the act of aggression through the remainder of the flight. As soon as the flight landed, the culprit was handed to the Airport Security Staff for putting his hands on the national carrier’s employee and for not abiding by the rules of travel. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), recently launched a mobile application to facilitate passengers in online reservations and confirmation of seats. “The application has recently been launched and now the air passengers will enjoy better services,” a PIA spokesman told state-run wire service.  
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