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PM thanks Chinese ambassador for support in curbing coronavirus

PM thanks Chinese ambassador for support in curbing coronavirus
March 26, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing called on Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday. During the meeting, the prime minister thanked the Chinese ambassador for supporting Pakistan in fight against coronavirus. “Medical equipment provided by China will greatly strengthen Pakistan's capacity to deal with the pandemic,” he said. Prime Minister Imran Khan reaffirmed Pakistan's support and solidarity with the people of China in their fight against coronavirus. Speaking on the occasion, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing underlined that the Chinese government and leadership remained firmly committed to supporting Pakistan in combating COVID-19 as the highest priority.  Earlier on Thursday, China’s National Health Commission Vice Minister Zeng Yixin said that the Chinese government is preparing to send a medical experts team to Pakistan for the COVID-19 fight on the request of Pakistan. He said that China has immediately shared the COVID-19 related knowledge, prevention and control plan, and diagnosis and treatment plan with Pakistan since the virus outbreak in Pakistan. “China also has introduced its experience in preventing, controlling, diagnosing and treating COVID-19 and other issues to Pakistan via video conference,” he added. Xinjiang has donated a batch of medical supplies to Pakistan, which arrived in the country in March 20. Besides the government, Chinese companies and civil powers have been proactively helping Pakistan fight against the epidemic. On March 25, the first batch of relief materials donated by China’s Alibaba Foundation and Jack Ma Foundation arrived at Karachi. The two Foundations will send the second and third batches of relief materials to Pakistan within a week, according to the Consulate-General of PRC in Karachi. Li Bijian, Consul General of PRC in Karachi said, “At the non-government level, enterprise and civil societies have joined one after another in the relay race of making donations to Pakistan.”
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