Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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Punjab CM Usman Buzdar announces mega uplift projects for Chiniot, Sargodha

Punjab CM Usman Buzdar announces mega uplift projects for Chiniot, Sargodha
March 30, 2021

LAHORE (92 News) – Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar announced mega uplift projects for Chiniot and Sargodha.

An Rs 5.5 billion project has been announced for Chiniot, while Rs 12 billion project has been earmarked for Sargodha. He inaugurated development schemes costing billions of rupees and also laid the foundation stones of public welfare projects. He also announced to early complete the Faisalabad-Chiniot-Sargodha road project with an amount of Rs12.7 billion. He inaugurated four road sector projects in Chiniot costing Rs 430.71 million besides laying the foundation stones of two projects of Rs850.31 million.

Under the development package, 12 major projects will be completed including six road sector and two each for health and education, disposal of water and police line schemes. The 250-bed THQ hospital, district complex and police lines will be established in Chiniot and the development package also includes many other projects relating to construction and repair of roads, drainage and supply of water, he added. The feasibility report will be prepared for boys college in Lalian and girls degree college in Bhawana while 67 km long Faisalabad-Chiniot-Sargodha road will be constructed with an amount of Rs12.70 billion.

Addressing the ceremony, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar promised to complete the big projects at the earliest. "Equal progress is the right of all districts," he declared.

Meanwhile, the CM also held a meeting with the party office-bearers and assured them of resolving the problems of their constituencies.

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