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Eidul Azha's arrival: Kashif Shamim Siddiqui appeals supporting poor hungry children

Eidul Azha's arrival: Kashif Shamim Siddiqui appeals supporting poor hungry children
July 14, 2021

92 News Sindh (Bureau Report) - Speaking exclusively about the poor, helpless and starving children on the event of Eidul Azha, Kashif Shamim Siddiqui, renowned poet, columnist, philanthropist and activist, said that where the abject poverty has badly affected human lives especially in far-flung and backward areas of the country devastation caused by the Coronavirus has made the life a hell there.

"Starvation is dimming the light of helpless children's life with each passing day. The children facing the worst economic injustices either die helplessly or forced to lead a life worse than death," he mentioned.

Kashif Shamim Siddiqui said that as the blissful festival of Eidul Azha is approaching, each sensible heart can feel the sentiments and feelings of the poor children. "There is need to include the poor children facing malnutrition in the pleasures of Eid besides supporting them fully."

He said that the fair distribution of sacrificial meat among the poor will have a good impact.

Kashif Siddiqui, the Poet of Peace, appealed to philanthropists and well-off families to take steps after Eid while deliberating on the issue of fully sponsoring the innumerable poor children so that light returns to their lives, enabling them to embark on the journey of a better life and play their full role in the progress of the country.

On the other hand, talking about the problems associated with malnutrition among children and work being done to control it, Kashif Siddiqui said that the problems of stunting, wasting and body weakness are common among children. "People reserve the right to know that what sort of work is being done with regard to better health of poor children presently, how the projects worth billions of rupees are providing a relief to children and the ongoing work with regard to fulfill the nutrition deficiency is playing its role with how much honesty," he concluded.

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