Monday, May 23, 2022

92 News completes seven years of fearless and trustworthy journalism

92 News completes seven years of fearless and trustworthy journalism

LAHORE (92 News) – 92 News – the first HD Plus channel in Pakistan – has completed its seven years, setting new standards for fearless and trustworthy journalism.

Shining star on the horizon of Pakistani journalism, fearless journalism and another name for truth and confidence, 92 News has completed a seven-year journey with full impartiality and journalistic principles.

92 News embarked on a journey of truth, confidence and fearless journalism on February 6, 2015. Whether it is a political arena or a playground, the voice of the oppressed should be taken to the parliament, 92 News conveyed every angle of the news to the people in time.

92 News always provides breaking news to its audience regarding the happenings in the politics and every secret with responsive way of journalism. Conveying social issues to the parliament, 92 News performed every obligation gracefully. 92 News showed all Important events from around the world and exclusive programs and now this HD channel has become the first priority of the Pakistani nation.

The journey from HD to HD Plus and Hologram Technology to 3D Augmented Reality Newsroom has been covered with grace and dignity. 92 News HD Plus is credited with introducing Asia's largest 360 Degree Virtual Studio and Hologram Technology. No one is competitor of 92 News in the Augmented Reality and Crystal Quality of the Pakistani media. The channel broadcasted all the information and incidents to its viewers on all aspects of the country’s dimensions and global horizons.

It has been distinction of 92 News HD Plus to inform with responsibility its viewers about all facts linked to each news, politics, showbiz and actions in playgrounds, analyses and realities, programmes representing the current affairs, from pleasant incidents to tragedies, from election to the issue of drinking water in Balochistan and from Operation Raddul Fasaad to Rangers’ operation against saboteurs.

92 News current affairs programs are also very popular among the public. The prime minister's program of "Hard Talk Pakistan" interviewed by Dr Moeed Pirzada became popular among the general public. However, senior journalist and anchorperson Arif Nizami broke the news of the reshuffle in the federal cabinet in “Ho Kya Raha Hai” program on 92 News channel.

Senior analyst Haroon Rasheed announced the date of the PDM's long march in advance in “Muqabil” program. Anchorperson in the program "Night Edition" Shazia Zeeshan exposed the cost of medicines, be it "[email protected]" or "Cross Talk", the credit always goes to 92 News for breaking the big news across the country.

92 News always provides breaking news to its audience regarding the happenings in the politics and every secret chases with responsive way of journalism.

Giving authentic news, standing up against the oppressor, approaching the parliament for the oppressed, finding out the facts through investigative reporting, this is our goal, this is our job because we are 92 News.

Be it political activity or the playing field, fluctuations in the economy or talking about social and public issues, every breaking news on the dimensions of the country and the global horizon reached the masses through 92 News.

Whether it is the engagements of Prime Minister Imran Khan or foreign tours or the arrival of world leaders in Pakistan, the news of every moment was reported only by 92 News.

Whether it was the visit of Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Qamar Javed Bajwa to the front lines or the important statement on national security at the Corps Commanders Conference or the issue of saluting the brave soldiers of the soil, 92 News did not lag behind in providing timely news.

When China was hit by the corona virus in early January, 92 News first became the voice of students trapped in China. Not only did it broadcasted the students' position, but it also kept up-to-date with the then Special Assistant for Health for certification and measures to protect the students.

The tragic news of the death of actor Umar Sharif's daughter due to illegal kidney transplant on February 18 also came to the notice of the people on the screen of 92 News. On February 26, 92 broke the news about the confirmation of two cases of coronavirus in Pakistan.

The move of donating plasma by the Sindh governor - who recovered from COVID-19 - came to the notice of the people on the screen of 92 News. When the Pak-Iran border was closed for the first time due to Corona, this channel was at the forefront of border coverage.

Stone-throwing scenes at NAB office during the appearance of Maryam Nawaz also first appeared on the screen of 92 News. The news of declaring Nawaz Sharif as proclaimed offender in Al-Azizia and Avenfield references came to the notice of the viewers from 92 News. Scenes of Shehbaz Sharif's arrest also first appeared on the screen of this HD channel. This channel also topped the coverage of Gilgit-Baltistan elections as well as it summarized the power sector corruption scandal.

92 News was at the forefront of the full coverage of the Peshawar Hospital tragedy. From the initial news of the motorway tragedy to the arrest of the accused and presented to the audience with complete facts. In the Marwa case, this channel not only played a responsible role but also kept the news to the public in a timely manner till the arrest of the accused, including becoming the voice of the parents. 92 News reported the news of the sexual assault and murder of a girl in Madhubar and the arrest of the accused.

When the Indian-funded RAW was exposed, the first news was broken by 92 News. This channel also exposed the Indian atrocities and uncovered the mysterious murder of 11 members of the Pakistani Hindu Bheel tribe in India. The channel also broke the news of India's heinous game against Pakistan in FATF. Irregularities in the white elephant BRT for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government were also revealed through the screen of 92 News.

When officials of Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) discovered China-cutting on the land around Mazar-e-Quaid, 92 News kept on reporting the facts and investigations against China-cutting. Delivering judgment on the petition of Justice Qazi Faez Isa, the Supreme Court quashed the reference filed against him in the Supreme Judicial Council. This news also became the first honor of 92 News. The channel got the honour of reporting the situation of the bridge even in the stormy rains of Karachi.