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92 News obtains mobile phone data of alleged terrorist Zeeshan

92 News obtains mobile phone data of alleged terrorist Zeeshan
January 24, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – 92 News has obtained the mobile phone date of alleged terrorist Zeeshan Javed, who was driving the car of Khalil family killed in the Sahiwal incident. According to the mobile data of Zeeshan, it revealed that the messages were sent to the terrorists through using Threema. In the messages, it can be seen that Shahid bhi really wants to become suicide bomber. In another message, I was contacted with Butt Saheb. The messages showed the evidence linking Zeeshan to terrorists found, intelligence sources said. It also said that Zeeshan was in contact with the terrorists, and was affiliated with Adeel Hafeez group from a quite long period of time. The footage of the terrorists, who killed the intelligence inspector, was also received from the mobile data of Zeeshan. According to the footage of 92 News, it also informed when the car of Zeeshan was parked outside and how the car moved with terrorists’ vehicles. The sources also said that Zeeshan’s car was being followed by the intelligence agencies as it was in use by the terror operatives. The personnel started chasing the white Alto after intercepting deceased’s contact with his aides near Manga Mandi. However, Punjab Additional Chief Secretary Fazeel Asghar presented the proofs of alleged terrorist, killed in the Sahiwal incident, affiliation with terror groups before the provincial lawmakers in an in-camera briefing.
92 News obtains key evidences about Zeeshan
92 News has obtained the most important evidences about the deceased Zeeshan Javed, who was killed by the CTD shootout in Sahiwal incident. According to the privy sources, a picture of Javed has also been surfaced with Usman, another terrorist killed in Faisalabad. The sources revealed that details of the vehicle – used in Sahiwal incident – was owned by a terrorist named Adeel Hafeez who was killed in Faisalabad during the operation of security forces. It also said that he bought the car for Rs680,000 through an online application on May 9, 2018 from a man named Saqib Muhammad. However; the vehicle was under the use of Zeeshan. It was also reported that the terrorists was contacted from the mobile phone of Khalil's family driver during the incident. He also expressed desire to make as suicide bomber. He has been suspected of having links with Daesh.
Earlier Jan 19, four people, including two women, were killed by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) officials near toll plaza. A child was also injured in the cross-fire, while two remained unhurt. The injured has been shifted to hospital. The local police have expressed their ignorance about the incident. The CTD spokesman claimed that a CTD team tried to stop a car and bike, but the car riders opened fire on them. He said that four people, including two women, were killed. “Three terrorists managed to escape and have been identified as Shahid Jabbar, Abdul Rehman and their accomplice. This was part of the operation in Faisalabad that took place on January 16,” he added. He said that a killed terrorist has been identified, adding that the terrorists were traveling with the family to avoid the arrest. “It is a network of a banned organization who had killed three officers of the ISI in Multan and one in Faisalabad.  Adeel Hafeez was killed in Faisalabad, while Zeeshan was killed in Sahiwal,” he disclosed. The CTD spokesman claimed that the terrorists had kidnapped a US national and son of former prime minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani. “These terrorists had killed several people and were involved in several firing and blast incidents,”  he said. He said that it was the most dangerous group of Daesh in Punjab. Witnesses said that no resistance was shown from the car. They added that the security personnel opened fire on the car and killed four people. They said that the officials took away three children from the site.