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About 92 News

About 92 News
March 3, 2019
92 News, known commonly as 92 News HD, is a Pakistani television news channel which broadcasts news in Urdu language. It was launched in in the year 2015. This private news channel is based in Lahore has the honour of being recognized as Pakistan's first HD television news channel, with reporters in more than THREE HUNDRED (300) cities across the country Slogan: Ba Khabar, Ba Wasooq Translation: Informed, Enabled. This slogan quite accurately explains the aim and objective with which 92 News HD channel was launched back in 2015. The channel is not only recognized for providing the audience with the latest news but also strives to give the viewers correct information without any biases, and without trying to hide the truth for personal or professional gains. The channel, over the years has raised awareness about many social, political and religious issues without letting factors such as threats or biases get in the way. It covers every story in such a way that no stone is left unturned in revealing the whole truth. The channel’s slogan is a testament to its commitment in providing it’s viewers with the latest, most authentic news and keeping them informed, thereby enabling them as empowered citizens of Pakistan who are up to date with the issues facing their country along with knowing what’s happening in their surroundings. The channel publishes news for the sake of raising awareness amongst the masses, without keeping in mind any personal gains or benefits. All this is why the channel is doing so well on national level and is gaining rapid popularity among the masses. History 92 News HD was launched on 6th February in the year 2015 at 7:00 PM (Pakistan Standard Time). The channel, along with Daily 92 News Newspaper, is owned by M/S Galaxy Broadcast (Pvt) Ltd and managed by Mian Hanif, Mian Rasheed and Mian Usman. Some wonder why the name 92? In the international directory, the dialing code for Pakistan is +92. The number 92 therefore is basically a representation of Pakistan in the international world and as 92 News HD aims at broadcasting Pakistan all over the world with the most authentic and verified news (in high definition), the number 92 seemed like a fitting name for the channel. Employees Over 1500 people are employed at Galaxy Broadcasting Network which include but are not limited to media people, analysts, journalists, technical staff and other workers, all over Pakistan. Glaxy Broadcasting Network (Pvt) Ltd is the company that operates 92 News HD. Milestones 92 HD News has marked many milestones in the short period of three years, after its launch. It is renowned for being Pakistan's first HD technology and hologram channel. The channel is appreciated country-wide for its authentic and unbiased news reporting and honest reviews on the ongoing political situations as well as various national issues. Moreover, it is recognized as the 5th largest 360 degree virtual studio. The channel has disseminated the word through impactful print media, Roznama 92 with the distribution in more than 8 cities across the country. It has gained a large audience because of the quality of its content and constantly up to date broadcasting of all important new. Other Ventures – Channels: 92 News HD Plus It can easily boast off the largest bureau offices and reporting network. With the advanced HD and Hologram Technology, the channel has grasped major attention worldwide. The brand celebrates the authenticity with the formidable attributes of transparency, neutrality and the spirit of patriotism.   92 News UK Beam Another 92 News venture based in United Kingdom and operating from various cities including but not limited to London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, Bistrol, Glasgow, Rochdale, Coventry, Leeds, Middlesbrough as well as Scotland and Dublin, to name a few. Other Ventures – Newspaper: Roznama 92 News Roznama 92 News is a newspaper that was launched on 27 April in the year 2017 to provide the readers with accurate and authentic news, from the best journalists and writers, countrywide. Roznama 92 is owned and operated by 92 News HD Plus. Website Development in technological fields Virtual Studio 92 News HD has its own virtual studios which is a state of the art technology to manage studio related performance and deliver programs with the best possible presentation. It is the world’s first 360 degree studio and it doesn’t just end here. This virtual studio offers real reflection technology which again, is the first of it’s kind in Pakistan. High Definition Technology 92 News HD is proud to boast the fact that it is Pakistan’s first HD News Channel. The viewers get HD quality news from the comfort of their homes while sitting in front of their TV screens. Hologram Technology New holographic technology is being used by 92 News HD to enable viewers to watch the videos in 3D. It is again, the first channel in Pakistan to introduce the technology for regular, every day news and show watching on television screens. Dolby Digital Audio 92 News is also a proud pioneer of introducing the world’s most popular audio compression technology, Dolby Digital. No other news channel in Pakistan can claim to have it at the moment. 24 Hour Transmission 92 News HD brings the latest news and authentic information with expert analysis and reviews on various social, political, religious, cultural, economic and financial issues. It has 24 hour transmission with 24 headlines providing the audience with updated news every hour, every day. Video Library The channel offers a video library to its viewers where they can enjoy HD quality archived videos of shows or news that they might have missed watching on television when it was broadcasted Viewership 92 News HD has the fastest growing viewership in Pakistan due to its fast and accurate reporting and efficient journalists that ensure unbiased information reaches their audience. Broadcast Area 92 News HD broadcasts news transmission in South Asia, The Middle East, America, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Ireland, and India via Satellite. Online 92 News HD launched its official website in 2015 . The website is available in both English and Urdu languages to ensure every viewer can access the information they require without any hindrances or language barriers, providing the viewers up-to-date news and information on all the trending topics in the country. The website also allows viewers to watch missed episodes of their favorite. TV shows from the video archives. Users can take advantage of its HD Live Streaming Technology to keep up with latest news from anywhere in the world while not compromising on the quality of the video they’re viewing. Website: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: Facebook: