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February 28, 2019
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Subh e Noor An informative islamic programme with famous religious scholars hosted by Nazir Ahmed Ghazi. Follow us on Social Watch Videos AIRING SCHEDULE Monday7:03:00 AM tuesday7:03:00 AM wednesday7:03:00 AM thursday7:03:00 AM friday7:03:00 AM saturday7:03:00 AM sunday7:03:00 AM [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] MuqabilThe fascinating talk show aka Muqabil with its star-studded analysts is a mind-boggling one for viewers. The analysts and production team leave no stones unturned in giving you a detailed insight into ongoing stories. Follow on Socialswatch video anchor's profile AIRING SCHEDULE Monday 10:03:00 PM tuesday 10:03:00 PM wednesday 10:03:00 PM thursday 10:03:00 PM friday 10:03:00 PM saturday sunday [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Breaking Views with 92 Breaking views with 92 is a Political Collision between young and experienced individuals. Watch tested wisdom clash with new thinking. Political guests and experts will also share their expert opinion on topic under discussion. Follow on Socials watch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULEMonday tuesday wednesday thursday friday08:03:00 PMsaturday08:03:00 PMsunday08:03:00 PM [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] [email protected] [email protected] with Saadia Afzal. Follow on Socials watch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULEMonday08:03:00 PMtuesday08:03:00 PMwednesday08:03:00 PMthursday08:03:00 PMfriday08:03:00 PMsaturday08:03:00 PMsunday08:03:00 PM [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] Bakhabar Subh The programme is broadcasted 7 days a week at 9:03 am. The News based morning programme feels like fresh air of the morning that includes eye-popping analysis of notable 8 to 10 news. Follow on Socials watch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULEMonday9:03:00 AMtuesday9:03:00 AMwednesday9:03:00 AMthursday9:03:00 AMfriday9:03:00 AMsaturday9:03:00 AMsunday  [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] The Last Hour #TheLastHour Hosted by Mehreen Sabteen, The Last hour brings together important political personalities from the country to discuss on vital issues facing Pakistan and their possible solutions. It airs from Monday to Thursday at 11:03 PM only on 92 News HD UK. Follow on Socials watch video anchor's profile AIRING SCHEDULE Monday 11:03:00 PM tuesday 11:03:00 PM wednesday 11:03:00 PM thursday 11:03:00 PM friday 11:03:00 PM saturday sunday [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] Night Edition Night Edition is a Current Affairs Programme hosted by Shazia Zeeshan and Analysis by Zafar Hilali. With very straight forward question by Shazia and In depth- critical analysis by Mr Hilali. Night Edition has been highlighting some of the very important issues and happenings in Pakistan. Follow on Socials watch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULEMonday tuesday wednesday thursday Friday10:03:00 PMsaturday10:03:00 PMsunday10:03:00 PM [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] Cross Talk Cross Talk is a discussion based talk show where we will break to our viewers Exclusive news alongside Irshad Arif, in depth review on Federal's political situation and Izhar ul Haq's extensive analysis on current news along with Madiha Masood. Follow on Socials watch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULEMonday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturday07:03:00 PMsunday07:03:00 PM [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] Zair-e-Behas The programme offers a deep, all-important and comprehensive Defense & Political Analysis. The anchor-analyst combo strives its extreme best to discuss all the ongoing political and defense related matters. Follow Us on Social Watch Videos AIRING SCHEDULEMondayNo SlottuesdayNo SlotwednesdayNo SlotthursdayNo Slotfriday07:03:00 PMsaturdayNo SlotsundayNo Slot [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] [email protected] tv anchor overviews major stories with an innovative take on current political events, social issues, bazaar updates and entertainment. Follow on Socialswatch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULEMonday5:03:00 PMtuesday5:03:00 PMwednesday5:03:00 PMthursday5:03:00 PMfriday5:03:00 PMSaturdayNo SlotsundayNo Slot [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] Raey Apni ApniRaey apni apni is an in-depth analysis and reports on Major National and international news of the day with Irshad Arif, Orya Maqbool Jan, Sajjad Mir & Khalid Masood and Leading analysts and opinion makers. Follow on Socialswatch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULEMondayNo SlottuesdayNo SlotwednesdayNo SlotthursdayNo SlotfridayNo Slotsaturday07:03:00 PMsunday07:03:00 PM [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget] Ho Kya Raha haiHo Kya Raha Hai is a political talk show that will examine current political, social, and economical scenarios prevailing in the country with Arif Nizami and Asad-ullah-Khan. Follow on Socialswatch video anchor’s profile AIRING SCHEDULE Monday7:03 PM tuesday7:03 PM wednesday7:03 PM thursday7:03 PM fridayNo Slot saturdayNo Slot sundayNo Slot [siteorigin_widget class=WPAU_YOUTUBE_CHANNEL_Widget][/siteorigin_widget]