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A library of classical sheet music at your fingertips

A library of classical sheet music at your fingertips
October 17, 2015
LONDON – For 82-year-old pianist Tamas Vasary, the hours spent searching through his collection of sheet music is a burden. But these days Vasary is embracing technology. Piano Virtuoso Tamas Vasary says: "Recently I was asked out of the blue to perform a piece that I had not played for 20 years and I had 2 hours to practice it but out of that two hours I spent one hour looking for the score. With this I just put my finger on it and it is there." Vasary is using a new app called Musica Piano which gives musicians access to a vast cloud-based library of classical sheet music. Developer Ludvig Keonemann says that while classical sheet music is available online for free, his app gives musicians a central database to locate their desired score in seconds. The app also scrolls the music as the pianist plays. Keonemann says it could prove to be a powerful learning tool as well. Publisher Ludvig Koenemann Showing Ipad Screen Showing Video Recording Of Pupil Playing and Score on One Page and says: "So you can see the pupil or whoever playing here and you can see the score running here. We do not want to replace the teacher in the future, we want to give good tools to the teacher, so the teacher could record the video of the pupil and then compare it with professional recordings." Teacher Erika Becht says: "It will be very useful at refreshing the repertoire of teaching at music schools. The teachers will get to know works that they may not have had access before." 12-year-old piano prodigy Misi Boros is used to carrying around several pounds of sheet music - he says the app has lightened his load - literally. Piano Prodigy Misi Boros says: "This is really simple that I just take out my iPhone from my pocket and it has all my scores. I also have an iPad and it is easier to see the scores on that, and so it is super that I have all my scores in my pocket." Koenemann hopes his app will give the next generation of performers a new way to fall in love with classical music. –Reuters
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