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Abduction of Dua Mangi: Two suspects arrested through call data

Abduction of Dua Mangi: Two suspects arrested through call data
December 2, 2019
KARACHI (92 News) – The police has taken two suspects in their custody with the help of call data in Dua Mangi’s abduction from Karachi’s Bukhari Commercial area of Defence Housing Authority (DHA). According to the reports, Anti Violent Crime Cell (AVCC) has started inquiry into the matter of 20-year-old Dua Mangi who was kidnapped while her friend, Haris, shot and injured by an unidentified armed men. The AVCC team visited the incident scene and hotel. The investigation sources also said that the two suspects arrested on the doubt of her family and they both were in contact with Dua ahead of her kidnapping. The sources informed that further suspects will be summoned for investigation. The team also recorded the statements of abducted Dua Mangi’s sister among other family members. CCTV camera footage acquired by 92 News shows that the culprits getting out of a car and shooting at Haris whilst abducting his friend Dua. As per CCTV footage, the car is very specific to the details of one which had reportedly been stolen earlier. The car used to carry out the deed was a granite colored honda civic ‘eagle eye’, exactly the same that was snatched in a street crime prior. The owner of the car told that his car was forcibly taken away from him at gun-point three days back. An FIR has been registered on a complaint of the father of the boy who was wounded by the kidnappers under charges of abduction and attempt to murder. After the incident, the civil society and social media has created uproar on the matter and are demanding justice, safe recovery of Dua Mangi. Earlier a day, a girl was mysteriously abducted by the unidentified persons from DHA Bukhari Commercial in Karachi. A teenage boy has also sustained severe gunshot wound as unidentified people in a vehicle fired bullets and abducted the girl forcefully walking alongside with him. The victims are identified as Dua and Haris. The incident took place in DHA Bukhari Commercial where a group of men in a vehicle fled after kidnapping the girl. Haris was later shifted to the hospital in critical condition after being the incident. Speaking to the journalists, SSP South said that the department is investigating the incident and recording statements of eye-witnesses. He confirmed that the boy was wounded by gunshots fired by the culprits, who abducted the girl.
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