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Actress Blanchett honored with BFI Fellowship

Actress Blanchett honored with BFI Fellowship
October 19, 2015
LONDON – Cate Blanchett was on double duty at the London Film Festival on Saturday night. The Australian actress turned out for a gala screening of her new drama "Truth" before walking the red carpet at the festival's award show. Blanchett was there to pick up the BFI Fellowship - an honour which has previously been given to the likes of Tim Burton, Judi Dench and Al Pacino. But despite the high praise for her contributions to the movie business, Blanchett said she was happy to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. Cate Blanchett, actress, says: "No - I've been asked to in the past and I've directed in the theatre but obviously I've got four children and you know and it's not just the time shooting the film, it's the time getting the money up, it's the time casting it, location scouting, shooting it, and then in the post production process, and then going out and trying to get the film a distributor and an audience so you know it's a lot of time and at the moment the time required as an actor in film is much shorter." Blanchett has been busy in the British capital, promoting two films which are tipped for Oscar glory. "Truth" which sees her play real-life news producer Mary Mapes.... ....and "Carol", a 1950s-set lesbian love story directed by Todd Haynes.
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