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AJK PM says division of Kashmir is not acceptable at any cost

AJK PM says division of Kashmir is not acceptable at any cost
August 14, 2019
MUZAFFARABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Raja Farooq Haider has said that the division of Kashmir is not acceptable to us at any cost on Wednesday. AJK prime minister said while addressing a special session of AJK Legislative Assembly here before Prime Minister Imran Khan’s address to the legislature. Raja Farooq Haider said that said that around 250,000 Kashmiri people have been martyred in Occupied Kashmir. “The journey of Kashmiris for freedom is consisted 500 years instead of 72 years,” he added. The AJK prime minister was also become emotional during the speech about occupied valley. He also warned that Pakistan will be the next target (of India) if the flag of Kashmir fall down, terming that Azad Jammu and Kashmir is buffer between Pakistan and India. “We are fighting Pakistan’s war,” AJK premier said. “Kashmiris had from very beginning decided to remain with Pakistan and their struggle for independence is still continuing,” Raja Farooq Haider said. He said recent Indian steps have cancelled all bilateral agreements. “We will bring a resolution in the assembly to declare the Line of Control (LoC) as void and instead proclaim it the Ceasefire Line,” AJP prime minister said. AJK prime minister while pointing out fascist tendency of BJP indicated that the salute of Hitler’s Nazi Party and the BJP is similar. He urged the prime minister of Pakistan to raise voice over shortage of medicines and food in the occupied territory of Kashmir.
PM vows to expose real face of Modi
On the occasion of Independence Day, addressing the special session of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly on Wednesday, the prime minister expressed solidarity with Kashmiri brethren during the ongoing crisis. “Pakistan Army is ready and will deal Indian aggression with strong hand and Modi played his last card and it will cost him a heavy price, and he will be paid back in his own coin.” “I have unveiled the real face of Modi and BJP in front of the world and told the international community that the struggle of Pakistan is not about resources but the ideology. The premier declared “I will now become the ambassador to raise the voice for Kashmir in the world.” While recalling the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat of India, he said: “Pakistan was created based on an ideology of two nation theory whereas Muslims in India are living in a state of fear.”