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Ali Zaidi waved some papers, but Sindh govt showed real report: Murtaza Wahab

Ali Zaidi waved some papers, but Sindh govt showed real report: Murtaza Wahab
July 7, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) – Adviser to Chief Minister Murtaza Wahab said that Ali Zaidi’s press conference is tantamount to making a mountain out of a molehill. Talking to reports outside Sindh Assembly on Tuesday, he said that a seven-member JIT was formed over the Uzair Baloch matter. “Ali Zaidi should tell whether the JIT report bearing four signatures was submitted to them,” he said. He said that Ali Zaidi had waved some papers, but the Sindh government showed the real report. "There is no legal status of the mind invention,” he said. The adviser said that it had been proved Ali Zaidi had continuously been telling a lie. “Ali Zaidi is forming the JIT in his laptop. The JIT report uploaded by the Sindh government bears the signatures of all JIT members,” he maintained. He said that the JIT report being waived by Ali Zaidi was neither given to the Sindh government nor it was submitted to court. Murtaza Wahab said that the federal minister is leveling allegations to divert attention from the problems being faced by the country. He said that the federal government had looted billions of rupees on the order of Imran Khan. “The federal government allowed the export of sugar on the orders of the Commerce Ministry. Who is the owner of K-Electric?” The adviser said that the Sindh government’s fault is that it is trying to bridle the unbridled government.