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Allah has blessed us with copper, gold: PM

Allah has blessed us with copper, gold: PM
February 11, 2015
Allah has blessed us with copper, gold: Nawaz Sharif CHINIOT: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Allah Almighty has blessed us with precious minerals like copper as well as gold, 92 News reported. He was addressing a ceremony after inaugurating the excavation of mineral reserves at Rajua on Wednesday. He said that the slot of prime minister is not a bed of roses. The prime minister said that there is poverty and unemployment, but there is no infrastructure in the country. “Revenue could not be increased due to lack of investment in the country,” he said. He vowed to break the begging bowl once for all. “It will take time to resolve the problems. I and Shahbaz Sharif will not sink into despair,” he added. The power crisis and corruption will end in three years, he claimed. Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif said that it is time to break the begging bowl. He said that today is a gleeful day not only for Punjab, but entire Pakistan. The chief minister said that God knows better whether the reserves concealed here are worth billion or trillion dollars. According to experts, there are not only treasures of iron and copper, but the rivers of gold are flowing here, he added. Shahbaz disclosed that former president Pervez Musharraf and Ch Pervaiz Elahi knew about the presence of minerals here in 2007 and they gave the contract to Wahid Arshad in violation of the law. “When I knew about this corruption case, I cancelled the contract. I received several heavy recommendations in this regard. You will be surprised if I disclose these names,” he said. The chief minister said that the High Court wrote in the verdict that public confidence has been hurt in the worst way. He claimed that they had blocked the plunder in the country. Shahbaz said that this project will bury poverty and unemployment. We were looking for iron here, but Allah Almighty blessed us with copper and gold, he said. The CM added that the previous government had handed over the project to a fraud company.