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Allegations that US has interfered in internal decisions about Pakistan are false: Mathew Miller

Allegations that US has interfered in internal decisions about Pakistan are false: Mathew Miller
August 10, 2023 Web Desk

WASHINGTON (92 News) - US State Department Spokesperson Mathew Miller has said that the US is not involved in any conspiracy and the allegations that the US has interfered in the internal decisions about Pakistan are false.

Responding to a query regarding how US can help Pakistan to counter terrorism threat on Thursday, he said: "So we deeply value our relationship with Pakistan, including our relationship with respect to counterterrorism. We have supported Pakistan through a number of pieces of assistance to help with counterterrorism, with other law enforcement activities, and we’ll continue to do so. We will continue to support Pakistan’s counterterrorism operations."

To another question about confidence-building measures being taken to avoid mistrust between the Pakistan-US relations, he said: "We will continue to engage directly with the Pakistani government as we do at a number of different levels. And we will continue to engage in people-to-people contacts with Pakistan who we consider a close partner. I am not aware if a decision has been made with respect to sending observers during the general elections."

In response to a query about the veracity of the cipher cable, Mathew Miller said: "Yes, it’s a report – reported to be a Pakistani document. I can’t speak to whether it is an actual Pakistani document or not; just simply don’t know. With respect to the comments that were reported, I’m not going to speak to private diplomatic exchanges other than to say that, even if those comments were accurate as reported, they in no way show the United States taking a position on who the leader of Pakistan ought to be. We express concern privately to the Pakistan government, as we express concern publicly, about the visit of then prime minister to Moscow on the very day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We made that concern quite clear."