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America kicks off Fourth of July with parades across the US

America kicks off Fourth of July with parades across the US
July 5, 2015
WASHINGTON - America kicks off the Fourth of July celebrations with parades all across the United States. In the nations capital, stormy weather could not stop the crowds from showing their celebratory spirit as they lined the streets to greet the bands, floats and dancers honoring America 239th birthday. In Philadelphia, a parade was held on Saturday morning in front of the building where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Hundreds of people marched, played and rode in Philadelphia's Independence Day parade. The parade route began at Independence Hall, where a large crowd enjoyed patriotic music and performances. Colonial fifes and drums led the way for Philadelphia Founding Father Ben Franklin and other signers of the declaration. The parade was one of dozens of events that are taking place in the city throughout the day. In Bristol, Rhode Island, the nations where the oldest continuous Fourth of July celebration was in full swing, residents celebrated their 230th straight Independence Day parade. The celebration began in 1785 when a Revolutionary War veteran, the Reverend Henry Wright, led patriotic exercises in the town. According to the story, a procession of people walked to see the exercises and that's how the parade was started. -Reuters
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