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Amir Khan vows to ‘sort out’ feud tearing his family apart

Amir Khan vows to ‘sort out’ feud tearing his family apart
December 18, 2016
LONDON (92 News) – Amir Khan has on Sunday vowed to “sort out” the bitter rift between his wife and family which threatens to tear them apart. Speaking at a charity gala in Washington, the Brit told MailOnline that he wants to put an end to the bitter divide. A war of words has broken out between his wife and family, which has seen Faryal labeled a 'golddigger', while she says she has been bullied 'physically and mentally' by her in-laws. The boxer wants to end the vicious rowing, and speaking at a fundraising event last night, he admitted it “will take time.” Last night he appeared alongside his wife at a fundraiser for the Amir Khan Foundation - but barely spoke to her all evening. The couple exchanged strained smiles and furtive glances as tensions mount over the falling out. 'We want to be one family. It will take time but everything will be sorted out.' Faryal proudly posted a video of her husband and daughter to Instagram - despite the ongoing feud and Amir’s disappointment over the fight. Faryal filmed Amir speaking at the fundraiser with their two and a half year old daughter. Amir is shown in the clip introducing Lamaisah, who talks into the microphone, saying ‘Hi’ to the assembled crowd. Holding his daughter in his arms, Khan said: 'The hardest thing about being a boxer is being separated from my family.'
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