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Another rape and video scandal surfaces in Okara

Another rape and video scandal surfaces in Okara
April 13, 2018
OKARA (92 News) – After number of horrifying scandal of sexual abuse and video tapes of the evil act, another case has been brought in light which has been going on for a couple of years in Okara. As per details, a group known as “Bichoo” has been revealed in Okara’s suburban village Farid Kot which sexually raped and filmed dozens of girls. The group blackmailed the girls due to which two girls committed suicide after getting fed up of the blackmailing. Families of the victims demanded swift and speedy justice for the victims of the heinous and barbaric crime. Police failed to arrest the influential accused involved in the heinous crime. On the other hand, more than 17,862 cases of child abuse have been reported during the last five years across the country, according to statistics collected by child protection non-governmental organization, Sahil. The National Assembly was informed that about 17862 children were abused in the country during the last five years. According to a report presented in the National Assembly, a total of 10,620 cases of abuse of girls and 7,242 cases of abuse of boys were reported during 2013-2017. On the other hand, the National Assembly has passed the Juvenile Justice System Bill, 2017. The bill will apply to federal capital other areas. Children are vulnerable to sexual abuse all over the world. In Pakistan, the dynamics that make them vulnerable are two-fold: impunity for perpetrators, which is reflective of the overall weak and easily manipulated criminal justice system compounded by low priority given to crimes of this nature by authorities as a result of which children are vulnerable to sexual violence and predators.