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Any aggression against Saudi Arabia to evoke strong response from Pakistan: FO Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam

Any aggression against Saudi Arabia to evoke strong response from Pakistan: FO Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam
April 24, 2015
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has assured King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud that any aggression against Saudi Arabia's territorial integrity will evoke a strong response from Pakistan. In a statement on Friday, Foreign Office Spokesperson Tasnim Aslam said that Pakistan could not remain a silent bystander against efforts to destabilize Haramain Sharifain. “Pakistan expressed to the Saudi leadership its deep concern at the increasing threats to regional peace and stability in the Middle East and emphasized that there is a dire need to ensure that the region did not get further destabilised by terrorist groups and other non-state actors. It was underscored that the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia was a policy imperative for Pakistan,” she said. The Foreign Office spokesperson said that Pakistan condemned the violent overthrow of the legitimate Yemen government by Houthis and was deeply perturbed at external support of the process. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia agreed that this alarming and unacceptable trend will destabilise the Middle East and encourage militants everywhere to challenge the State authority with violence. “It is, therefore, not only the responsibility of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia to defeat the trend but that of the entire international community.” She said that Pakistan had extended its support to the political objectives of the coalition led by Saudi Arabia to restore unconditionally the legitimate government in Yemen and withdrawal of Houthis from the territories seized by them, including the capital Sana'a. Pakistan also offered to cooperate in delivering humanitarian assistance to the people of Yemen. The FO spokesperson said that Pakistan expressed its willingness to play a positive role in promoting a peaceful resolution of the ongoing political crisis in Yemen and render its support for implementation of UN Resolution 2216. “Besides people-to-people, economic and political relationship, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have a robust and multifaceted defence relationship in line with the aspirations of both the peoples. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia agreed to further expand the existing defence, security and intelligence cooperation. Both sides reiterated their condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and reaffirmed their desire to strengthen cooperation on this issue. The Saudi side acknowledged tremendous sacrifices made by Pakistan while combating terrorism and appreciated Pakistan's contribution in making the region in particular and world at large a safer and a better place,” she said. Tasnim Aslam said that King Salman Bin Abdulaziz and Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif expressed satisfaction at the discussions held during the meeting and reiterated their commitment to further enhance bilateral relations. “Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed deep gratitude for the warm reception and generous hospitality extended to him and members of his delegation.” She said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reiterated his invitation to King Salman Bin Abdulaziz to visit Pakistan at his earliest convenience. Earlier on Thursday, the prime minister held a detailed meeting with King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud which was followed by meeting with the Crown Prince Prince Muqrin Bin Abdulaziz. Deputy Crown Prince and Minister for Interior Prince Mohammad Bin Naif and Defence Minister Prince Mohammad Bin Salman called on the prime minister. Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif and Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif also held an extensive meeting with the Saudi defence minister and senior officials of the Defence Ministry. Later, a meeting was also held between the prime minister and Yemen President Mansoor-al-Hadi.  
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