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Atif Aslam all praise for Adnan Qazi

Atif Aslam all praise for Adnan Qazi
October 28, 2022 Web Desk

LAHORE (Imran Raj) - Adnan Qazi’s work on Atif Aslam’s latest track is continuing to receive massive praise from fans and peers alike.

Adnan Qazi, who has worked with some of the biggest names associated with Pakistan’s entertainment and music industry, is the creative genius behind 'Moonrise', the latest pop chartbuster from Atif Aslam featuring international sensation Amy Jackson.

Fans are of the opinion that Adnan Qazi’s directing skills, coupled with Atif Aslam’s mesmerizing voice and Amy Jackson’s magnetic on-screen presence, will catapult 'Moonrise' to the top of charts within no time. The music video, dropped several hours ago, comes with stunning visuals and awesome shots – courtesy of Adnan Qazi.

The stars of 'Moonrise', Atif Aslam and Amy Jackson, have nothing but praise for Adnan Qazi and his incredible yet diverse skill set. “What Adnan Qazi has delivered with ‘Moonrise’ is extraordinary. From lighting to camera work to mannerism, Adnan manages everything to the best of his abilities. Another thought I like about him is that he’s open to new ideas,” said Atif Aslam.

Amy Jackson is all for a future collaboration with Adnan Qazi. “What a visionary Adnan is! From the set, to the fashion, to the performances … Adnan perfected it all. It was such a great experience working and creating with him and Atif Aslam – dream team! I hope to work with him again somewhere down the line,” said Amy Jackson.