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Auditor General report reveals grave irregularities in expenditures during Covid-19 epidemic

Auditor General report reveals grave irregularities in expenditures during Covid-19 epidemic
November 21, 2021 Web Desk

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - The Auditor General's report has revealed shocking revelations of serious irregularities in expenditure during Covid-19 epidemic.

According to the report, violation of rules was found in procurement and government departments were not well prepared. "Institutions delayed delivery of purchased goods. No record was kept of the goods purchased for audit," it revealed.

Despite the relaxation of tax and duties from the government, tax deduction continued and without government guarantees advance payments were made to supplier firms.

NADRA's system went wrong during the cash supply. Government employees, insured persons and EOBI pensioners also received assistance. Shortcomings were observed in the monitoring system during the supply of cash.

The report further said that Rs50 billion subsidies were allocated for utility stores, out of which only Rs10 billion were released. Utility stores bought flour from substandard flour mills. "No mechanism had been devised to transfer the subsidy to the working class. Rules were violated and quality was not ensured during the purchase," it added. 

The Auditor General revealed that there was a loss of US$9, 94,000 in the procurement code against the ventilators. Details of all agreements were not provided to the NAB.

Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) rules were violated in purchasing goods from China; 1.3 million people were deprived of funds in the cash program. From relief packages of Rs100billion for electricity only Rs15 billion were released. The announced subsidy of Rs 50 billion for the agricultural sector was not released at all. Moreover, the aid of US$4 million from China was delayed.