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Bilawal bought properties with alleged money laundering: Shahzad Akbar

Bilawal bought properties with alleged money laundering: Shahzad Akbar
February 13, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Special Assistant on Accountability Shahzad Akbar on Thursday claimed that Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari bought properties with alleged money laundering. Speaking to the journalists outside the Parliament, the special assistant said that the PPP chairman did not speak about the real facts after appearing in court in alleged money laundering case. “Bilawal is misleading the public showing himself as ‘child’. He must prove his innocence in court. The court does not label the PPP chairman as guiltless but pronounce as ‘innocent’ same Sheikh Rasheed called him,” Shahzad Akbar maintained. The special assistant mentioned that the PPP leader misguided the public outside the NAB office, adding that Bilawal says he is innocent why he is summoned. “The allegations of money laundering are on JV Opal case on Zardari Group. I will not tell a lie like Bilawal Bhutto, now only accusations are labeled against the PPP chairman which being investigated.” Shahzad Akbar said Bilawal claimed that he was declared innocent, but investigation was underway in alleged money laundering cases. He said that they bought agriculture land in Tandu Allah Yar, five plots in Clifton and built Bilawal House with alleged money of laundering. The special assistant said that nobody was above the law and everyone has to face investigations. Bilawal Bhutto was summoned by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for investigation into various cases. Earlier today, Bilawal Bhutto said that he had received the NAB notice after announcing a ‘Jihad’ against the deal between the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Talking to the media after appearing before the NAB on Thursday, he said that Assefa Bhutto would lead the workers if he was arrested. Bilawal Bhutto said that they would not tolerate cruelty to the people and economic murder. “We will continue our struggle despite pressure.” He said that neither the Leader of the House nor the opposition leader attend the NA session. “I hope Shehbaz Sharif will return soon,” he added. He accused the NAB of harassing him. “The NAB has no authority to investigate private dealings,” he said. According to sources, Bilawal Bhutto could not satisfy the NAB with regard to Joint Venture Opal. They said that the NAB had given a 35-question questionnaire. A four-member team led by Rawalpindi DG Irfan Mangi questioned Bilawal Bhutto. Irfan Mangi also put questions to Bilawal Bhutto directly. The asked questions included whether you are director of the Zardari Group of Industries. “When did you ink the agreement with Bahria Town? Whether the agreement has your signatures?” The NAB team also directed Bilawal Bhutto to submit the reply within two weeks.