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BJP leader Subramanian Swamy again spewing hatred against Muslims

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy again spewing hatred against Muslims
April 3, 2020
NEW DELHI (92 News) – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) lawmaker Subramanian Swamy BJP leader Subramanian Swamy again started spewing hatred against Muslims. The whole world, including India, is facing the disaster of the coronavirus, but the Hindu extremist Indian rulers are busy to spread hatred against Muslims in this crisis. Defending the citizenship bill forging the coronavirus pandemic, he said, “We have fulfilled our agenda as promised.” In a video snippet shared on Twitter by VICE, the BJP MP, when asked about India's controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act, alleged: “We know where the Muslim population is large there is always trouble — because the Islamic ideology says so.” Senior BJP leader Dr Subramanian Swamy has been busy defending the controversial Indian Citizenship Bill by forging Swami Corona. “If Muslim [population] becomes more than 30 per cent [in any country], that country is in danger,” Swamy claimed, upon which journalist Isobel Yeung pointed out that his comments sounded like language of hatred. “It is easy to call this hatred, I am being kind to them by not letting them enter India.” When reminded that Article 14 of the Indian constitution ensures equal rights for everyone in India, he went on to say that this was a misinterpretation of the Article, saying: “The law ensures equal rights for equals.” “Are all people not equal? Are Muslims not equal In India?” asked Yeung. “No, not all people are equal, Muslims do not fall into the equal category," Swamy said.   Subramanian Swamy’s statement is being condemned by Muslim leaders. The lives of more than 200 million Muslims living in India during the propaganda of Hindutva have been inaccessible. From 227 days, the Modi government’s brutal measures have been in place to enforce the controversial citizenship bill against the victims of lockdown.

PM hits back statement of Subramanian Swamy

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khanhas said Indian leadership is openly speaking about 200 million Muslims. The prime minister took his twitter and expressed concerns regarding the RSS inspired BJP leadership of India. He said that the RSS inspired BJP leadership in the 21st century is openly speaking about the 200 million Muslims of India just as the Nazis would spoke about Jews. Imran Khan also shared the video statement of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy in his twitter. “The RSS inspired BJP leadership in the 21st century openly speaking about the 200 million Muslims just as the Nazis spoke about the Jews,” PM Imran Khan tweeted.