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Black sheep in Police are unbearable now: Karachi AIG

Black sheep in Police are unbearable now: Karachi AIG
September 9, 2018
KARACHI (92 News) – Additional Inspector General of Police Dr Amir Sheikh said on Sunday that the black sheep hidden in the police – who supporters of criminals – have become unbearable in the department and now they will not spare in a single moment. While addressing to the police officers at a ceremony, the Karachi police AIG said that the prizes would be given to the officers and personnel on behalf of the good performance, while, others will be punished on bad performances. The ceremony was attended by DIGs, SSPs and other policemen. After hearing the complaints of investigation officers, he announced to make empower the stations investigation officers (SIOs) as well as lock-up and ‘Maal Khana’ will also be under the SIOs. Dr Sheikh said that an investigation incharge will be looking after all the under custody suspects. He added that every investigation officer will be given three to four investigation cases within a month. “100 out of 36,000-strong police officers including personnel are tarnishing the department’s reputation,” Sheikh said. He said that the black sheep cannot spare in any condition.  The top police official also said that the investigation department will be given advanced tools for strengthening it and improving performance. The AIG said that the street crime has been reduced in Karachi, saying that it will become more less within a time period.  
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