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By-election: PML-N gains six, PTI three seats in Punjab Assembly

By-election: PML-N gains six, PTI three seats in Punjab Assembly
October 15, 2018
LAHORE (92 News) – The Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) on Sunday gained six seats 6 seats out of 13 in the Punjab Assembly. On the other hand, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) gained three seats while independent candidates won two seats in Punjab Assembly. According to details, elections on 11 Punjab Assembly seats were held. BY-ELECTION RESULTS of PUNJAB ASSEMBLY PP-3 (Attock 3): PTI’s Muhammad Akbar Khan has won with 43032 votes. Khan is followed by PML-N’s Iftikhar Ahmed Khan with 43259 votes. PP-27 (Jehlum 3): PML-N’s Nasir Mehmood has won with 61542 votes, followed by PTI’s Shahnawaz Raja with 60886 votes. PP-87: PTI’s Malik Ahmad Khan elected unopposed. PP-103 (Faisalabad 7): PML-N’s Jafar Ali leads with 39512 votes, followed by PTI’s Shamsher Haider, who has so far bagged 33373 votes. PP-118 (TOBA Tek Singh 1): Independent candidate Chaudhary Bilal Asghar has won with 55286 votes. He is followed by PTI’s Asad Zaman with 50097 votes. PP-164 (Lahore 21): PML-N’s Sohail Shaukat Butt has won with 34608 votes. PTI’s Yousuf Ali in second place with 27047 votes. PP-165 (Lahore 122): PML-N’s Malik Saiful Malook Khokhar won by-polls in PP-165 by bagging 37911 votes. PTI’s Mohammad Mansha Sindhu stood runner-up with 32169 votes to his credit. PP-222 (Multan 12): Independent supported by PML-N Qasim Abbas Khan has won by polls bagging 38527 votes. Rana Muhammad Sohail stood runner up with 31893 votes. PP-272 (Muzafargarh 5): PTI’s Zahra Batool has won in by-polls with 27752 votes. Independent candidate Syed Haroon Ahmed Sultan in second place with 18853 votes. PP-292 (Dera Ghazi Khan): PML-N’s Sardar Awais Leghari won the by-election by attaining 32845 votes, unofficial and unconfirmed results suggested. PTI’s Sardar Maqsood Laghari stood runner up with 21938 votes. PP-261 (Rahim Yar Khan 7) PTI’s Fawaz Ahmed has won with 29526 votes, followed by PPP’s Makhdoom Hassan Raza Hashmi with 14995 votes. PP-201 (Sahiwal 6): PTI’s Samsam Bukhari won by-polls in PP-201 Sahiwal with 58391 votes. Bukhari was followed by PML-N’s Muhammad Tufail, who attained 51662 votes.
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