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Cases of 'extremely dangerous' Covid Delta variant surfaced in Pakistan

Cases of 'extremely dangerous' Covid Delta variant surfaced in Pakistan
July 9, 2021

ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Another attack of fourth wave of coronavirus as the cases of India’s 'extremely dangerous' delta Covid variant has been surfaced in Pakistan. 

While declaring India’s delta Covid variant extremely dangerous, NCOC stressed the public that results could be bad if SOPs are not strictly followed. The NCOC also said that vaccinations must be ramped up, and provided July 31 as the deadline for workers to get inoculated.

It also stated that the vaccination certificates mandatory for travelling, visiting tourist spots and booking hotels.

According to a statement of NCOC, millions of deaths were caused by the Delta variant of coronavirus in India, adding that the people suffered due to lack of oxygen in Indian hospitals and the NCOC has taken special measures against this.

The NCOC also called for accelerating pace of inoculation drive and said implementation of existing SOPs would be ensured from July 9 to 18.

The NCOC has made it mandatory for students over the age of 18 to be vaccinated by August 31, while domestic air travel without a vaccination certificate will be banned from August 1.

Various proposals are under consideration to curb unnecessary movement on Eid, the statement said, adding that the decision to implement the proposals will be made keeping in view the spread of the virus. The country's apex COVID-19 body warned of a ban on tourist spots if cases continue to rise.

Workers of the following sectors must get vaccinated by July 31:

Private, corporate sector employees.

Small, medium and large industry employees.

Workers associated with the agriculture and media sectors, lawyers, factory workers, and those who work in markets, including cart vendors.

All workers associated with the transport and hotel industry.

All gymnasium workers.

Employees of mosques, including imams.

Employees of workshops and wedding halls.

Students on the other hand, aged 18 and above, are required to get vaccinated by August 31.

Vaccination certificate policy

The NCOC said that no one will be allowed to travel without a vaccination certificate after August 1.

Visitors to tourist spots aged 30 and above will not be allowed without a vaccination certificate.

Moreover, hotel bookings are prohibited without vaccination certificates.

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