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CCTV footage shows Maulana Adil's car being chased by man on motorcycle

CCTV footage shows Maulana Adil's car being chased by man on motorcycle
October 12, 2020

KARACHI (92 news) - Police on Sunday made progress during a probe into the targeted killing of renowned Maulana Adil Khan of Jamia Farooqia in Karachi as

According to an initial probe report by police, another CCTV footage emerged on Sunday which showed Maulana Adil's car being chased by a man on a motorcycle, wearing a black helmet, who helped two other target killers assassinate the prominent religious scholar while his car stopped outside a shopping centre last night.

The Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD) disclosed that the footage shows a suspect, wearing a black helmet, following Maulana Adil's car. This was the same man, according to the CTD, who helped the two assailants escape after the assassination.

After following Maulana Adil's car, the suspect then took a U-turn, returned to the vehicle and then helped the two assailants flee after they committed the murder.

It was also reported that a new weapon was used in the firing incident and only one of the attacker opened fire on the victims.

“The firing was carried out from a distance of eight feet,” the investigators found beside also revealing that the attackers involved in the incident were between the ages of 20 to 25.

The law enforcing authorities have also raided several areas in the city and apprehended suspects for interrogation regarding the incident.

It is not clear how the two persons. who fired upon Maulana Adil's car. arrived at the spot. It cannot be said with certainty whether they came on their own motorcycles or arrived there through some other transport.

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