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Citizen brutally tortured at gunpoint by influential in Lahore

Citizen brutally tortured at gunpoint by influential in Lahore
December 15, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – An influential rich boy in Lahore has subjected a youth to brutal violence at gunpoint and also gave threats to the young man. A video was surfaced on the social media after violence of rich man on the young citizen; he used his wealth power and subjected to torture at gunpoint. In the viral video, it can be easily seen that the rich man is beating the young citizen and also giving threats him at gunpoint. The influential citizen grabbed the young man from the neck and knocked him down. He continued his torture against young man even he fell down on the earth. He kicked on the face of citizen when he was on the earth. The video of brutal violence has become viral on the social media after the incident. Meanwhile, 92 News obtained the details of vehicle in the use of rich kid. The vehicle of influential person is registered on the name of Aqeel Mirza. Aqeel is citizen of Lahore and Model is 2017. Police took the notice after 92 News highlighted the incident on media. The Police constituted the teams to arrest the influential. The police traced the accused after launching investigation. The sources also said that Aqeel Mirza is resident of Cantt and branch manager of a private bank.