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CNG stations opened across Sindh for 12 hours

CNG stations opened across Sindh for 12 hours
February 2, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) stations across Sindh opened this morning for 12 hours on Sunday. Aaccording to Sui Southern Gas Supply Company (SSGC) spokesperson, gas supply will be available at CNG stations in Karachi as well as other parts of the province at 7am, which will remain open until 7pm. Low gas pressure and a spike in domestic demand owing to cold weather conditions prevailing in parts of the country have forced the company to halt gas supply to the CNG sector, causing many problems for people, especially commuters who largely rely on public transport for a daily commute. Earlier, CNG stations once again closed across Sindh including Karachi due to gas crisis. According to the details garnered, the CNG stations opened yesterday night 10pm and long queues of vehicles were witnessed outside the CNG stations that were reopened after a long break. Due to the low pressure of gas, the domestic users faced troubles and not able to cook food at homes. The CNG stations once closed at 6am Friday morning and the supply will then resume again on Sunday for 12-hours. The SSGC stated that the low gas pressure for the continuous closure of the gas stations in the province, especially in Karachi.