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Cops torture ‘Razakar’ for delay in giving them ‘langar’

Cops torture ‘Razakar’ for delay in giving them ‘langar’
September 22, 2018
PAKPATTAN (92 News) – Elite Force personnel tortured a ‘Razakar’ for a delay in giving them ‘Langar’ – free food – on the Urs of Baba Farid Ganj Shakar. 92 News has obtained CCTV footage of the torture. Elite Force’s Abdul Hameed and his two colleagues asked Muhammad Tariq to give them langar. Tariq told them that he would give them langar after sometime as he was busy for the time being, which infuriated them. Abdul Hameed and his colleagues started torturing him. The injured ‘Razakar’ was shifted to hospital. Victim’s father submitted an application against the accused, but the police refused to register a case them. When contacted, Pakpattan DPO Maria Mahmood’s operator said that she was in a meeting and disconnected the phone. Later, 92 News contacted Sahiwal RPO Shariq Saleem, but his operator said that his boss was on leave. He said that the matter had been referred to the Pakpattan DPO and she would look into it. On the other hand, the Pakpattan DHQ medical superintendent has refused to give the medical report.