Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Corruption cannot be stopped if corrupt people are not considered bad: PM

Corruption cannot be stopped if corrupt people are not considered bad: PM
April 4, 2021

ISLAMABAD (92 News) - Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has said that the corruption cannot be stopped if corrupt people are not considered bad.

The prime minister said while speaking to the general public on telephone and answering their queries. The session was continued till 01:30pm on Sunday. Responding to the questions of the people, PM Khan said that the essence of democracy is that the representatives are answerable to the people.

"The government couldn’t fight mafias alone. We can’t eliminate corruption without the support of the judiciary. When the prime minister starts stealing, then the real destruction of the country starts. Tax money is kept hidden in the name of companies," Imran Khan mentioned.

The premier said that the incumbent government is dealing with the mafias. "Founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam had also talked about such mafias who hinder the development of the state," he added.

The prime minister also issued orders to solve the problems of the citizens on the spot after listening to them on the telephone.

Third wave of Corona is the most dangerous

"The third wave of Corona is the most dangerous. People don't care at all, wear masks otherwise we will be forced to lock down. The Prime Minister urged the people to wear masks in at every cost," he maintained.

He further said that despite vaccination, the world is imposing lock down. "By the special grace of God, we were saved first and now we need to be more careful than ever," he added. .

He urged people to wear mask to stem the increasing number of infections, as it easy and limits the chances of the spread of the virus effectively. The Prime Minister warned if the current trend of the virus persisted, it would put our health system and economy under tremendous pressure.

He said observing SOPs will help avoid difficult situation of lockdowns as it badly affects poor people.

Controlling price hike in country govt’s top priority

Responding to question by a caller about inflation PM Khan said government has made controlling inflation its top priority and several administrative measures have been taken to check dearness in the country.

He said government is importing gas on lower rates under new contracts and also giving subsidy to people on it. He said rupee is strengthening, it will also help control price hike in the country.

Prime Minister said 70 per cent of power is being produced through imported fuel, which is another reason behind price hike.

He said middle man is also cause of dearness, government is working to address all the causes of inflation through administrative and other measures.

Revolution in health sector will change Pakistan

"The revolution in the health sector will change Pakistan's fate. Now the health insurance will be given to every family, in the coming days it will become a network of hospitals. They are bringing a new agricultural policy."