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Country moving in right direction despite COVID-19 challenge: PM Imran Khan

Country moving in right direction despite COVID-19 challenge: PM Imran Khan
November 12, 2020

The prime minister shared a news of 92 News along with the tweet. Prime Minister Imran Khan is likely to visit Faisalabad on November 18. He will take industrialists into confidence over the relief package and the problems faced by them. 

A large number of orders received by exporters have brought a good news. Over 50,000 powerlooms closed due to the crisis have resumed the operation. 
Factories are facing a shortage of workers due to an increase in their demand following the revival of the industry. 

Industrialists are of the view that the industrial sector had suffered a great loss due to the coronavirus pandemic during the last few months. 

They said that Prime Minister Imran Khan had assisted the industry through relief in the electricity bills and other factors. "It is a matter of pleasure that the situation is moving towards betterment," they added. 

In recent days, both government and enterprises implemented relative measures to awake the textile industry which had been stagnant for the last 30 years. Up to now, domestic textile mills have resumed productivity in accordance with the policies of government. 

In Pakistan, textile industry accounts for 8% of GDP and over 46% of manufacturing industry. Textile export plays an important role for Pakistan economy.