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Country not in danger from Modi but from Zardari, Nawaz gang: Rasheed

Country not in danger from Modi but from Zardari, Nawaz gang: Rasheed
May 19, 2019
KARACHI (92 News) – Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Has said that the country is not in danger from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi but from Zardari and Nawaz gang on Sunday. Speaking to the journalists, commenting on the opposition’s Iftar dinner, the minister said that the opposition parties were making alliance to save their corruption. Sheikh Rasheed ironically termed that the host and guests have not fasting so this is not Iftar dinner. He said that the country is not danger form Modi but from ‘Gang of Five’ inside the country. He maintained that the country will not observe any long march. The railways minister expressed confidence that the country would come out of economic crisis under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. He said that Rs2 billion had been revealed from the account of their falooda vendors. “I have already told that PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif was asking for NRO, Sheikh Rasheed said and added Asif Zardari is also asking for the same formula.
Rasheed holds previous govts responsible for hike in dollar rate
Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed has held the previous governments responsible for an increase in the dollar rate.

Addressing a press conference in Lahore on Saturday, he said that the dollar’s current situation is due to filth of the previous government. “Prime Minister Imran Khan is de-silting thieves,” he said.

He admitted that dollar price had increased and the prices of gas and oil have also gone up, but Nawaz, Shehbaz and Asif Zardari are responsible for it. The minister said that all thieves are uniting. “Let the opposition come on roads after the Eid, it will know about the real situation,” he said. He said that Asif Zardari is also seeking the NRO after Shehbaz Sharif. “The opposition can vanish in an hour if Imran Khan allows it to go abroad,” he maintained. Reacting to the speech of Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed, PPP leader Saeed Ghani said that the railway track remained closed for three days, but Sheikh Rasheed continued to hold press conferences with stubbornness during the period. He said that Sheikh Rasheed said that AIDS patients are being treated in hospitals. “Sheikh Rsaheed should tell us if he has some problem,” he said.