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Why was I disqualified if corruption didn’t prove against me? Nawaz Sharif

Why was I disqualified if corruption didn’t prove against me? Nawaz Sharif
August 10, 2017
JHELUM (92 News) – Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif said that the country had plunged into darkness in 2013. Addressing a mammoth gathering on Thursday, he said that the country was sinking and they saved it. “Did I commit corruption?” he questioned the workers. The former prime minister said that the judges too had admitted that he did not corruption. He said that all will have to be changed if they loved progress of the country and youths’ future. “I have been disqualified as I was taking the country to progress. Why was I disqualified if corruption did not prove against me?” he questioned. He said that no prime minister could complete his/her tenure. “You form the government by giving votes and a dictator or five honorable judges send him home,” he maintained. Nawaz Sharif said that he had been ousted for not receiving salary from his son’s company. “The people should have the right to sack the prime minister. Is there anyone to punish a dictator?” He will stay in Jhelum tonight and leave for Gujranwala at 10am on Friday. Earlier addressing a gathering in Dina, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that he has left the country better than 2013. He said that his disqualification is an insult to the electorate. He asked the people to support him to change the destiny of the country. “Let’s build a new Pakistan,” he said. “Why have I been punished? Now this drama should come to an end. ” Nawaz Sharif said that millions of people vote for a prime minister and only five people oust him. He said that he had not come for his disqualification, but for the case of the case of the disqualification of the people. “Nawaz Sharif will not forget love expressed the people of Dina,” he said. The former prime minister asked the people to support him and he will support them.