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Court issues detailed verdict of Flagship reference

Court issues detailed verdict of Flagship reference
December 31, 2018
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Accountability Court Arshad Malik issued a detailed verdict of the Flagship reference on Monday. The court had acquitted Nawaz Sharif, giving him the benefit of doubt. The court ruled that Nawaz Sharif being the real owner of the companies cannot be ignored. “However, the court gives Nawaz Sharif the benefit of doubt according to the evidence provided by the prosecution,” it stated. The 69-page verdict rejected the stance of the accused, terming it fake. It further stated that the prosecution failed to shift the onus on to Nawaz Sharif. In his verdict, the judge declared that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) failed to prove Nawaz Sharif’s corruption in 16 offshore companies and his direct links to these companies. The judge said sufficient proof was also not produced to prove that Nawaz Sharif had taken benefits from these companies and kept their ‘benami’ assets. The judge said Nawaz Sharif was exonerated as the prosecution failed to prove the charges against him. On December 24, the court had awarded Nawaz Sharif seven-year jail in Al-Azizia reference and acquitted him in Flagship investment reference.