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COVID-19 outbreak: Global death toll reaches 95,722

COVID-19 outbreak: Global death toll reaches 95,722
April 10, 2020
WASHINGTON (92 News) – The global death toll from coronavirus has reached 95,722 as of Friday morning. There have been 1,603,719 confirmed cases around the world after the highly contagious disease was first reported in China in December last, UNB reported citing, a website that provides real-time updates. Of those infected, 1,151, 342 are currently being treated with 49,127 being in serious or critical condition. So far, 356,655 people have recovered, the website data shows. The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus crisis a pandemic on March 11. Bangladesh reported 21 deaths from the virus infection and 330 confirmed cases as of Thursday. According to Johns Hopkins University (JHU), 1,500,830 people have been infected with the virus since it emerged in China four months ago, including 87,705 people who have died and 317,855 individuals who have fully recovered. The US remains the country with the highest number of infections at more than 423,000, but Italy is the country with highest death toll with 17,669 fatalities. After first being detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan China in December, the virus has spread to at least 184 countries and regions, according to Johns Hopkins. It attacks the respiratory system, and can be fatal. Most people who become infected will exhibit moderate symptoms, but it can be especially fatal for the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and asthma. Several efforts are being made to develop a vaccine, but most experts believe that milestone will not be crossed for at least another year, and possibly up to 18 months. Wuhan lifted outbound travel restrictions on Wednesday after over two months of lockdown. UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in ICU, but is in “good spirit.” The WTO has warned that global trade growth will plummet by up to a third in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The WHO is warning: Don’t politicize this virus or “we will have many more body bags in front of us.” In the US, nearly 2,000 deaths have been recorded for the second day in a row, according to statistics released by JHU. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres described the coronavirus as one of the most dangerous challenges facing the international community, which he said is above all a human crisis with severe health and socio-economic consequences. “Now is the time for unity, for the international community to work together in solidarity to stop this virus and its shattering consequences,” he said.