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Dadu and Bhan Saeedabad drowned by the flood water of Manchhar Lake

Dadu and Bhan Saeedabad drowned by the flood water of Manchhar Lake
September 11, 2022 Web Desk

DADU (92 News) - The destruction of the flood water of Manchhar Lake continues. Dadu and Bhan Saeedabad were filled with water from the crack in Dadu dam۔

Water is rapidly spreading to the sides after successive cuts are made on the overflowing Manchhar Lake. Bhan Saeedabad has entered the floodplain. The 132 kV grid station along with the tent settlement of the flood victims was submerged. Thousands of people are being displaced in Bhan Saeedabad.

Despite the installation of several cuts, the pressure of flood relay on Manchhar Jheil remains. The water level in the lake has increased instead of decreasing. The water level in the Indus river has decreased by six inches at the LS barrage.

On the Karampur Link Road, between the Indus River and the Manchhar flood barrier, more cracks are being made. Now the flood channel of Manchhar Lake is passing in the Indus River.

At Sukkur Barrage and Guddu Barrage, the situation of the Indus River started to return to normal. There is high flood level at the Kotri barrage site. Nearby areas are already under water.

On the other hand, the difficulties of the victims in the flood affected areas did not decrease. In Mihar, mismanagement was seen when the ration arrived for the first time for the flood victims. To control the situation, the police charged the victims with sticks. Thousands of flood victims ran after trucks for tents and rations.

In Qamber Shahdadkot, a protest was held against the Deputy Commissioner for not getting help from the victims. The victims also fought during the distribution of relief materials in the tent settlement of Larkana.