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Data Darbar suicide blast alleged facilitator Zeeshan taken into custody

Data Darbar suicide blast alleged facilitator Zeeshan taken into custody
May 12, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – The intelligence agencies has taken Zeeshan, who was alleged by the security agencies as facilitator of suicide bomber in Data Darbar blast, into its custody on Sunday after his statement in which he claimed to be innocence. According to the details garnered, the alleged Data Darbar blast facilitator was arrested from Gujranwala. However, Counter Terroroism Department (CTD) conducted raid on his house located in Aimanabad, Gujranwala and taken Zeeshan into its custody. According to the sources of security officials, alleged facilitator Zeeshan was arrested for the investigation.
Data Darbar blast: Alleged facilitator claims he is innocent
A day earlier, in his video statement, Zeeshan has claimed that he is innocence. He said, “I am not a terrorist and have no association with any banned outfit.” He said he is resident of Aimanabad, Gujranwala. Refuting all the claims have to be a facilitator, the alleged suspect said that he knew about his footage after the blast, adding that any doubt about his association with any terrorism activity is not justice with him. Zeeshan also claimed that he paid his visit to shrine offered prayers and did not know about anything about the incident. “As soon as I heard an explosion I like the rest of the people ran out of the shrine, I am completely innocent and have nothing to do with the blast,” he claimed. Following to the reports, the alleged facilitator also stated that he and his 4 siblings are residents of Aimanabad, Gujranwala, his footage was misused and the claim of him being involved in the incident holds no truth. “I earn my livelihood by running a local grocery shop in my area and has no connection with anyone,” he said. He said that that he is available for any kind of investigation and will fully cooperate with the law enforcement agencies. On the other hand, the local police also confirmed that Zeeshan is residential of Aimanabad and run his grocery shop in the area. It is worth mention here that the suspect seen wearing the black ‘shalwar kameez’ in the footage stating that he was wearing a dark blue suit which looked black in the footage and the law enforcement agencies proclaimed as the accomplice of the suicide bomber.