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Death toll reaches 35 as Pakistan’s COVID-19 tally jumps to 2,450

Death toll reaches 35 as Pakistan’s COVID-19 tally jumps to 2,450
April 3, 2020
LAHORE (92 News) – The number of total coronavirus (COVID-19) cases reached 2,450 across Pakistan till Friday while 35 people have died till now. According to National Command and Control Authority, the nationwide tally of COVID-19 patients reached 2,386 with 783 cases in Sindh, 920 in Punjab, 169  in Balochistan, 311 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 190 in Gilgit-Baltistan, 68 in Islamabad and 9 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK). As many as 10  patients are in critical condition, while 126 patients have recovered from the infection. Meanwhile, the coronavirus claimed Pakistan’s 35th life on April 3.

Partial lockdown

On the other hand, partial lockdown imposed across the country as educational institutions, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, and other private business remained closed while inter-provincial and inter-city transport was also suspended. Factories, banks and the financial sector were directed to reduce work hours. The government has barred elder people and children from offering Friday prayers at mosques and issued guidelines for making lines with a specific distance. The novel coronavirus – which originated in the central China city of Wuhan towards the end of December 2019 – has spread to all continents excluding Antarctica. The COVID-19 respiratory illness caused by the mysterious contagion has so far killed thousands of people and infected tens of thousands of others across the globe. Though the deadly infestation has been contained by the Chinese government in Wuhan, the virus has now spread elsewhere, especially in Europe and the United States, with the World Health Organisation declaring Europe as the new epicentre of the viral disease. Pakistan, despite its close proximity with China, remained unscathed until February 26 when a young man from Karachi tested positive for the novel coronavirus. He had returned from Iran – one of the worst-hit countries.

Coronavirus in Pakistan

 Confirmed Cases: 2,450 Recovered: 126 Critical: 10 Deaths: 35 Cases (24 HRS) 12pm to 12pm: 66 Deaths (24 HRS) 12pm to 12pm: 0 ICT: 68 Punjab: 920 Sindh: 783 KP: 311 Balochistan: 169 AJK: 9 GB: 190