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Disappointment to those expecting country destabilized by institutions’ clash: PM

Disappointment to those expecting country destabilized by institutions’ clash: PM
November 28, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that today must be a great disappointment to those who expected the country to be destabilized by a clash of institutions. That this did not happen must be of special disappointment to our external enemies and mafias within. Reacting to Supreme Court verdict on Twitter on Thursday, he said that mafias who have stashed their loot abroad and seek to protect this loot by destabilizing the country. “For the record 23 years ago, we were the first party to advocate an independent judiciary and rule of law. In 2007, the PTI was in the forefront of the movement for independence of the judiciary and I was jailed for it,” he added. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that also, for the record, he had the greatest respect for Chief Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, one of the greatest jurists produced by Pakistan. On November 27, Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the siege of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) shows the fascist mindset of the Indian government’s RSS ideology that has continued its siege for over 100 days. In a tweet, the prime minister said that the Indian government is subjecting Kashmiris to the worst violation of human rights while the powerful countries remain silent because of their trading interests. The Occupied Kashmir, particularly the Kashmir Valley, continues to remain on edge as unprecedented military lockdown entered 115th day. Though uneasy calm and uncertainty prevail in the Valley yet life remains badly affected there as restrictions under Section 144 remain enforced, shops and business centers are mostly shut and few turn up to educational institutions and offices. Internet gag persists while prepaid mobile and text messaging services also remain in shutdown mode. However, landline phones and voice calls on postpaid cellular networks are partially functioning in the Valley but they could not mitigate the sufferings of the people. The increasing chill has also added to the miseries of the already suffering people of the occupied territory.