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Disciplinary action should be taken against Sindh IG Kaleem: Saeed

Disciplinary action should be taken against Sindh IG Kaleem: Saeed
January 15, 2020
KARACHI (92 News) – Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PPP) spokesperson Saeed Ghani has said that disciplinary action should be taken against Sindh Inspector General (IG) Syed Kaleem Imam. After the cabinet meeting, talking to the journalists, Saeed Ghani said that street crime immensely increased in the tenure of IG Kaleem. He also said that the present IG delivered highly irresponsible statements. “IG Kaleem delivered very irresponsible statements,” he added. “Many people were killed in police firing incidents. IG Sindh had lost our trust after these issues and we are sure that he will be transferred without nay obstacle or delay,” he said. Kaleem Imam also said that a number of reasons for the current IG’s removal have piled up. “Today's meeting was held after the Sindh government had written a letter to the IG on December 13 to inform him of their intention to get the establishment division involved in the matter,” Ghani said. “Furthermore, the IG kept writing letters to various embassies directly. According to the rules, a police chief cannot directly write letters to embassies. If one has to conduct any such correspondence, it needs to happen through the foreign office or through the provincial government's administrative body,” Saeed Ghani said. He said that the Sindh government is bound to send three names for the establishment division to choose from. “And they are bound to pick one name. This is the due process, which could be simpler if provinces are given the power to conduct their own transfers and postings.” The minister informed that the names of Ghulam Qadir Thebo, Mushtaq Mahar, Kamran Fazal and Sanaullah Abbasi were among the top choices. On the other hand, the Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf (PTI) leaders in Sindh were quick to point out that it is the federal government that holds the power to recommend who the next Sindh IG should be and not the provincial government. Earlier today, the Sindh government recommended the removal of current Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kaleem Imam. According to the details garnered, the Sindh cabinet has given approval for the removal of current IG Kaleem Imam. The approval to remove the incumbent IGP came during an urgent meeting of the provincial cabinet, which was presided over by Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. The cabinet members raised their reservations over the political affiliations of the current IG during the meeting. They said the PPP government deliberated on three names, including that of Mushtaq Mahar, Ghulam Qadir Thebo and Kamran Afzal, for the post. Some of the cabinet members raised objection on the name of Kamran Afzal. Most of the cabinet members have suggested the name of Ghulam Qadir Thebo. The name will be sent to the federal government and the appointment will be confirmed after the Centre gives its nod.