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Don’t underestimate Corona’s impact, PM warns Pakistani people

Don’t underestimate Corona’s impact, PM warns Pakistani people
April 8, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has warned the Pakistani people that they should not be misunderstood about the impact of coronavirus on Wednesday. Talking to journalists after a meeting of National Coordination Committee (NCC) on COVID-19, the prime minister said that the novel disease is spreading and the conditions will become the worst. “The people in Pakistan think that corona will not affect them, do not be misunderstood,” he warned. Imran Khan urged the people to understand gravity of the coronavirus situation and demonstrate responsibility by adopting all necessary precautionary measures to contain the virus. “For God sake take precautionary measures,” he appealed. If the situation continues in the same manner, then one person from 100 people may become the victim of Corona,” the premier explained. He further elaborated that the government took timely steps to prevent the pandemic outbreak. Imran Khan further said that the gathering of people in one place is a dangerous thing, adding that the people are not following restrictions in many areas. “Coronavirus is very dangerous for the elderly and sick people,” he added.
Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme to begin from tomorrow
The premier said that provision of cash assistance to poor deserving families under Ehsaas Emergency Cash Programme will begin from tomorrow (Thursday).  He assured that distribution of funds to the deserving families will be totally merit-based, transparent and non-political what may come. The prime minister said the process of awarding cash worth 144 billion rupees to 12 million deserving families will be completed within next two and half weeks. He informed that Coronavirus Relief Tigers Force will continue to identify deserving poor people at district and union council level, and these will be added in the list of deserving people. Imran Khan also urged the opposition leaders, parliamentarians and civil society to support government in its endeavours to steer Pakistan out of Covid-19.