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E-commerce policy to help eliminate corruption: Razak Dawood

E-commerce policy to help eliminate corruption: Razak Dawood
January 13, 2020
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Adviser on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood has said that e-commerce policy will help eliminate corruption and improve performance on Monday. Speaking at a function, the Adviser said that e-commerce policy has been prepared with consultation of partners. He also said the policy will play an important role in projecting exports. He said the government is pursuing the agenda of promoting exports. “We have started moving in the right direction in economy,” Abdul Razak Dawood said. He mentioned that there is not easy to implement on any policy in the country. “We give first priority on good and bad ranking and the youth should not give attention on the ranking. Now we have started to grow in the right direction,” he said. Abdul Razzak Dawood has said that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad will have positive impact on Pakistan’s economy as trade and investment with the Far East will increase. Addressing press briefing, the prime minister’s adviser said the visit of Mahathir will open a window of opportunities to our economy. He said this visit will prove the beginning of the Look East approve of the present government.
Pak-Malaysia to sign joint venture of millions of dollars
Razak Dawood has said that Pakistan and Malaysia will sign joint ventures worth millions of Dollars in telecommunication, technology, automobiles and halal food sectors. The adviser said three MoUs will be signed during the visit while an investment of eight to nine hundred million dollar is expected between the two countries in the fields of IT, Telecom, Power Generation, Textile, Agriculture and Halal Food industries. He said Pakistan greatly values transfer of technology and knowledge sharing partnership with Malaysia to increase its productivity, develop human resource and technology base and to open a gateway to the East Asian economies. Razak Dawood said both the countries will begin a transformational relationship on long-term base.