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Educational institutions in Punjab and Sindh reopen with 100% attendance

Educational institutions in Punjab and Sindh reopen with 100% attendance
October 11, 2021 Web Desk

LAHORE (92 News) – Educational institutions in Punjab and Sindh opened with 100% attendance as the spread of Corona decreased.

Schools across Punjab reopened with 100 per cent attendance after the rate of corona spread decreased. The students were happy to meet all their classmates.

After a while the children arrived at the school and most of the children looked happy, he said that after a while it was good to meet all the fellows in the schools.

The Secretary of the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Care says it is imperative that all people over the age of 12 be vaccinated immediately to prevent the spread of corona.

On the other hand, under the decision of NCOC, educational institutions were opened in all parts of Sindh including Karachi with 100% attendance from today. Seeking knowledge and parents all looked happy.

Due to the low corona rate, the NCOC allowed the opening of educational institutions with 100% attendance. After which schools across Sindh including Karachi reopened today with 100% attendance. One day school will no longer be a day off. Instead, I will study five days a week and have two days off.

The students were also happy and said that their studies have been very impressive. Many friends from school will also meet. Parents also took cognizance of the low corona rate and the opening of the school on a daily basis. It is said that one day off and one or two schools could not be used for children's education. Now the children will be able to learn something if they come to school every day.

Educational institutions in other districts of Sindh including Hyderabad and Sukkur also opened with 100% attendance.