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Ehsas Programme is commencement of Jihad to alleviate poverty: PM

Ehsas Programme is commencement of Jihad to alleviate poverty: PM
March 27, 2019
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday said Ehsas Programme is the commencement of a Jihad to alleviate poverty and bring the destitute people above the line of poverty. The prime minister launched a grand Poverty Alleviation Programme under the title of “Ehsas”. Addressing the ceremony, the premier said that launching of the programme is reversion to Pakistan ideology under which founding fathers had decided to establish a true Islamic welfare state. PM Khan said the newly-launched ‘Ghurbat Mitao Programme’ was the first steps towards treading the path of humanity. He underlined that it was a crusade to rise for ridding society of poverty to the core. He stated that the government would also extend legal help to the needy under its new programme.
Every policy devised by China envisages eradication of poverty
The prime minister said every policy devised by China envisages eradication of poverty. He was of the view that the vision of Pakistan founder Quaid-e-Azam envisioned making Pakistan a Islamic welfare state.
Ehsas Programme to amend Article 38 of Constitution
The prime minister said the first step towards implementation of Ehsas Programme is to amend Article 38-D of the Constitution under which provision of food, clothes, shelter and health will be treated as fundamental rights of the people.
Govt to open saving accounts for 5.7mn women: PM
Imran Khan announced the government would open saving accounts for 5.7 million women along with provision of mobile phones to them. “Similarly, saving accounts will be opened for 5.7 million poor women and mobile phones will be provided to these women for access to their bank accounts,” he added. He also said the stipend of the poor women is being increased from five thousand rupees to five thousand and five hundred rupees. He said Tehsil level hubs will be established for these women, where they will get access to their bank accounts and receive assistance in job search.
Spending for poor is being increased
The prime minister said that spending for the poor is being increased to eighty billion rupees and this amount will be further increased every year up to one hundred and twenty billion rupees.
New ministry being created for ‘Poverty Alleviation’
The premier announced that a new ministry is being created in the name of Ministry for Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation. All welfare organizations, including Pakistan Baitul Maal, Benazir Income Support Programme, and Poverty Alleviation Coordination Council, will be coordinated under this ministry.
Data being collected about income, poverty assess poverty indicators
PM Khan said that data is being collected about income and poverty to correctly assess the poverty indicators. He said Ehsas Program will include the component of Tahaffuz, under which, survey will be conducted for financial assistance of the destitute people.
Assistance to be provided to destitute in health, education
He said another component of the programme is Tahafuz under which, legal aid will be provided to any person in difficulty. He further said that besides, assistance will also be provided to the destitute in health, education, and other sectors. Assistance will also be provided to the destitute widows.
Partnership to be made with NGOs to help poor segments
The prime minister said that partnership will be made with NGOs to help the poor segments. He said that help will also be provided to stunted children street children, gipsy children, transgender and bonded labour through public-private partnership. He said health programme is also being launched to provide health cover to three point three million people in thirty-eight districts. He said that nine initiatives are being launched to overcome the nutrition problems of children with stunted growth.