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Electronic Money Order system inaugurated across Pakistan

Electronic Money Order system inaugurated across Pakistan
November 13, 2018
ISLAMABAD (92 News) – Yet another revolutionary move by the federal government, State Minister for Postal Services on Tuesday inaugurated “One Day Delivery System ” and “Electronic Money Order (EMO)” facility across Pakistan. As per “One Day Delivery System”, the parcels will be delivered to its recipient within a one day. However – aiming at quick transfer of money orders – the ministry has launched Electronic money order” service. Through EMO service, funds up to Rs 50,000 can be delivered at the doorstep of the receiver. The purpose behind the service is to provide quick delivery and relief to the people and make them free from standing and waiting long in the queues for their money. Initially, one day delivery system will be launched in 25 cities of the country, whereas EMO facility will be available in 80 cities. The minister for postal services inaugurated both the services at launching ceremony in Islamabad. On the occasion, Murad Saeed vowed to transform the postal services into the beneficial for every users of the country. The minister also warned the corrupt officials from any illegal activity. He informed that the assets regarding to the postal services are worth of one billion and 34 crore rupees. He mentioned that they have made a plan to vacate the institution’s buildings from land mafia.