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Every verbal, written claim to be answered with evidence, says Ali Zafar

Every verbal, written claim to be answered with evidence, says Ali Zafar
April 30, 2019
LAHORE (92 News) – The war of words between singer-cum actor Ali Zafar and co-singer Meesha Shafi continued as both the singers trying to prove their claims with verbal and written statements. In a recent tweet, Ali Zafar assured to prove Meesha Shafi’s claim with authentic proves. “Every verbal or written claim, blame or accusation will be answered with #facts and #evidence. Today I will release something that will seal the deal,” he tweeted. In another tweet, the actor-cum singer also stated that the smear campaign was run against him through the social media fake accounts and that accounts were closed after he registered complaint against them in the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA). “As i said, the smear campaign against me was running through fake accounts who are now shutting down after our application to the FIA. Our resolve to set a precedent that no one can do this ever to an innocent person is stronger than ever now. #cybercrime #crime,” he tweeted. According to the statement, a legal notice was sent to Meesha Shafi demanding apology after her tweet on 24-04-2018. Ali Zafar was not aware of Meesha’s complaint before the Ombudsperson, which he came to know of after its dismissal. The statement also read, Ali Zafar served Meesha with the legal notice on 24-04-2018 well before her complaint dated 30-04-2018. Zafar also tweeted that he would forgive Meesha if she apologizes to his wife Ayesha Fazli.